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OZONE GENERATOR (Compact/Powerful/Stainless Steel)

OZONE GENERATOR (Compact/Powerful/Stainless Steel)

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This robust stainless steel ozone generator is user friendly and simple to set up for daily use.  This unit is designed for use with an oxygen concentrator and does not have an internal air pump. (Note: it has input and output connectors) Simply attach the input tube from the oxygen concentrator and bubble ozone into water via the output fitting.  Couldn't be easier, has a small footprint and highly effective.

Portable Ozone Generator

Ozone output: 500 mg/H at 2.5L/min dry air flow with cooling fan

With: ozone outlet connector OD 5mm

built for 24 hours running

Input voltage: 110-220V AC 50/60Hz

Power: 15W


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